Innovation is key of our success. Our expert business team entirely engages in bringing new products for respective market ..

Research and development is key to stride in high velocity pharmaceutical industry. Well qualified professionals with reach...

We conform standard manufacturing practices to meet requirements of several international regulatory agencies.

About Vetbiotech

Leading importer, marketer and Manufacturer of multispecies feed additives and supplements.

We are leading importer & marketer of multispecies feed additives and supplements. Our long-standing relation with global suppliers and local customers is core strength. Relation is built in ages with Vetbiotech because of offering innovative quality products and prompt service to satisfy the need of our valued customers. Vetbiotech is growing in leaps and bounds due to our proactive vision, innovative technology and offering of cost-effective innovative products and solutions.

Domestic Formulation

Our continuous endeavour is to establish well balanced portfolio of innovative products/ solution as per market needs and launching of imported value added products of International origin in dairy,

International Formulation

We offer the customized portfolio as per demand and market potential. We always aspire to develop sustainable competitive advantages & leverage our core strength to develop new...

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